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LivFilms caricatured Brothers Ink Pty Ltd and released Skinny Blonde Miracle Beer Diet ad, which is about to break another record on YouTube:

The script goes like this:

Are you overweighted and miserable because of it? I am not. And I never have been.

Obese? These are yours.

What's my secret? I drink beer. Let me explain how it works.

One 12 ounce beer contains about 100 calories. Two beers - 200. Six - 600.

But 12 beers don't have any calories at all.

Calories rich foods enter the body through the mouth making their way through the esophagus to the lower digest tract - the process known as peristalsis.

Once there, they are absorbed by the bloodstream and distributed to your ass, thighs, and other such parts of the body where they are stored as fat, flab, and in some cases blower???

However critical tests show that drinking just 12 beers over the course of the evening can reverse peristalsis, carrying unwanted calories from the stomach up the esophagus and back out through the mouth before they have a chance to make you fat and attractive.

Other benefits of drinking large amounts of beer on the regular basis make include: inability to walk or stand keeping you safe out of reach of the refrigerators, restaurants, and other such common sources of calories.

Memory loss - forgetting how to eat. Eventually perhaps you even forget to source that eternal emptiness that you can seek to live without the food.

And loss of employment - cutting your food purchasing revenue stream at its source.

Beer - your permanent weight-loss solution.

The preceding video was a joke. If you think that drinking beer will make you thin, then you are an idiot.

Disclaimer: there has been a complaint filed for this advertisement. This site is not indending to promote beer drinking in any way, but joking and smiling.

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MarkoAugust 26th, 2009 at 8:03 pm

Have you seen this:

24 hour in a day
24 beers in a case
i think not

MarkoSeptember 5th, 2009 at 10:44 pm

If you are worried about overweight, you may try this new method at home:

LarysaSeptember 19th, 2009 at 9:12 am

This is the truth of hangover anatomy:

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